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How to create a strong password ?

Fifteen years after having published the security rules for a strong password, the American expert Bill Burr went back on his recommendations.

Forget about passwords consisted of uppercases, numbers and special characters ! The American expert and former employee of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) steems them obsolete."It was probably complicated to understand for most of people and as a matter of fact it was not necessarily relevant." the expert told the Wall Street Journal.

jaiachetehuitcd instead of ght8CD!

Bill Burr recommendations aimed to prevent hackers from guessing the passwords of their victims by testing several combinations. The last NIST report henceforth advises to use long sentences easy to memorize. It also encourages to change the password if you think they might have been corrupted. Regular updates are no longer needed.

For a stronger security , you can opt for the double authentication of your accounts by text messages. The website Two Factor Authentification Tutorials give explanations on how to proceed.

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